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Interview With Princess Adesola Ogunwusi

KB. How do you describe yourself?

PS. I am princess Adesola Ogunwusi. The elder sister of the Ooni of Ife. I am the fourth child of my parents. I had my primary and secondary Education in Ibadan, Oyo state. I am a graduate of English education from the university of ife, Osun state. I am into business.

KB. What do people think about you before and how do they relate with you now?

PS. I was a very private person. By nature I am an introvert. I love my company and I keep to myself. I am a very calm person, easy going. Nothing fazes me because I am a woman of great faith. I love God and fear him only. After the enthronement of kabiyesi, I was thrust into the limelight. With it came fame and popularity. I have more friends now than before. People want to associate with me, those who know me love me. I now attend lots of functions by virtue of royalty. I am now more visible than before. But I remain my simple and humble self.

KB. Now that roles are reversed, how do you relate with kabiyesi now being the older sister?

PS. Certainly roles are reversed. He is now my father. I relate with him with great respect. I go on my knees to greet or talk to him. I can’t call him by name anymore. I now call him kabiyesi or Arole Oduduwa.

KB. What do you miss doing with kabiyesi now that he is Ooni?

PS. I miss playing with kabiyesi. I miss joking with him. I can’t touch him or hug him anymore. I can’t eat with him in the same plate like we used to do as siblings. I can’t dance with him, I miss dancing him with him. I miss so many things that tradition would not permit me to do now because he is now my father. I give him the utmost reverence.

KB. What childhood incident can you tell us about you and kabiyesi?

PS. When we were young, I remember both of us participated in the Punch newspaper’s children’s corner. I wrote a story while kabiyesi submitted a drawing of a man smoking a pipe. His art work was so creative that he won “the best child of the week” award with a cash reward. Kabiyesi and I did a lot together because he is directly next to me by birth. We had so many things in common. We both were in the church choir, we both were in school parade for our different schools, we went to the stadium for match past together during the independence and children’s day. It was fun growing up with kabiyesi.

KB. Tell me one unforgettable funny incident with you and your elder sister princess Folashade?

PS. My elder sister and I went for a party and our parents came visiting. A friend told us that our parents had come to visit but we didn’t believe her until she brought the foodstuffs they had brought for us. It then dawned on us that we were in big trouble. (Laughing). We had to travel home to apologize to our parents. Our monthly pocket money were withdrawn however as punishment.

KB. What do you miss that you can’t do now that you are a royalty?

PS. Royalty has robbed me of privacy. I miss some aspects of my life. There are restrictions now. I miss my way of dressing, I can’t dress anyhow now neither can I play or behave anyhow. I must comport myself. There are limitations to places I can go or social events that I can attend. I must carry myself with dignity befitting my royal status.

KB. Tell me about your fashion style?

PS. I dress simply but uniquely. I love to dress well because I love to look good and dignified. I love fashionable and beautiful things. I love pink that is my favorite color and like my sisters, I love shoes a lot.

KB. What do you do in your spare time when you are not attending royal functions?

PS. I try to relax in my spare time by watching movies. I read books. I also spend my time reading my bible and praying.

KB. What did mum teach you and what do you miss about her?

PS. My mum was a disciplinarian, she was very strict. She taught me to dress decently and smartly as a child with good upbringing. She was loving and caring. She taught me how to love and care for people. She also taught me to respect elders. She taught me humility and the fear of God. I miss her dearly. I miss so many things about her. I miss her prayers, her constant advice, her love and care. I miss especially her way of chanting my oriki. She was a wonderful wife to our dad and a super woman, an irreplaceable mother. Abiyamo tooto. Her death remains the saddest day of my life. My darling sweet mum went to be with the Lord on 29th April 2012. I was by her bedside when she passed on. May her soul continue to rest in peace.

KB. What did dad tell you while growing up?

PS. My dad is loving and caring. He has a calm disposition, accommodating. He was a disciplinarian but not like mum. He used to say to us while growing up as kids “never say fail” and ” tough time don’t last but tough people do”. He taught me how to be focused. He Is simply an amazing dad,a super star.

KB. Tell me the most memorable day in your life?

PS. The day that my brother Ooni Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi was announced as the 51st Ooni of ife.I was so happy that I was just rolling on the ground. It was the Lord’s doing and it is marvelous in our eyes.

KB. Thank you. A word for someone out there?

PS. Life has taught me to be good to everyone, to be nice and never look down on anybody because nobody knows tomorrow. Life is full of ups and downs, very unpredictable, therefore we should always endeavor to help others in need when it is in our power to do so. We should also be humble and respect people no matter their status.


  1. Debo Fadairo 11 March, 2017 at 05:35 Reply

    DOUBLE PRINCE , Aunty Fola, please intensify those acts of Goodness in testimony to your good, generous nature.

    Give out many of those 500 pairs of shoes, to enable you get more. OPEN HANDS RECEIVE MORE.

    Can’t wait to be invited to the launching of WURAOLA BY 4LAR.

    Best wishes.

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