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Chidinma Chidoka is a soft spoken woman cautious with words and behaviour! A minefield of ideas  and you can’t leave her presence without taking with you the impression that you just encountered an incredible personality.  Always composed, you wonder if anything ever ruffles her serenity.  She is full of zest, zeal and very passionate about anything she embarks on expecting quality, speedy and excellent accomplishments.

Her tenure as ROSOWA President lifted the association from relative obscurity to  limelight,  making it a dominant factor as one of the best organizations among the military and paramilitary set up. Her personality loomed so large that in a women forum, where she shared her association magazine and fliers which contained her focus and agenda, the former first lady was said to be so amazed that she publicly showered encomiums and acknowledged  ‘the little girl’ who could lead an organisation, have a quality Magazine publication with international printing standard, which they had previously believed to be a foreign magazine by many in attendance.

The magazine was RSL, (ROSOWA safety lifestyle) the medium for enlightenment and education on road safety, focusing on safety of women and children on the road. This is because Chdinma Chidoka is a believer that  anything is possible through hard work and commitment.

Chidinma Chidoka refused to merely trail in the glory of her husband but sought to reach out to women and children through her passionate persistent campaign about safety of the child using women as an effective medium . A great believer of safety of children in moving vehicles, she discharged this social responsibility by supporting FRSC’ s mandate in the eradication of road traffic accident and safe motoring in Nigeria. Her key priority and focus were Children because she believed a child lost to careless and avoidable accident is huge loss to the nation, a child lost is a crashed and unfulfilled destiny, this led to the launching of her pet project “THINK! CHILD SAFETY ALWAYS.

When she had her first child in 2003 in America, long before her husband became the Corps Marshal, she was hoping to go home after the birth of the baby but was shocked when the hospital authority prevented her from leaving with the baby without the baby car seat. This was considered absolutely essential for safety of the child. That experience opened her eyes to know how important child safety was in developed countries and how negligent it was back here in Nigeria and perhaps Africa in general. In her exact words quoted from RSL magazine ” in those societies, child safety is not just an emotional issue. It is imbedded in the very fabric of society and the laws. It is something that is also reflected in the everyday of life and society. That episode taught me about the benefits and potential dangers associated with the use or failure to use car seats for children”

That was the spark that ignited the fire of the burning need to educate woman about safety of the child with the view that accidents have no respect for ignorance. She campaigned vigorously because a large number of women were completely ignorant of the dangers of the safety of the child in a moving vehicle. She made sure women saw the need to think first of the safety of the child by installing a car seat as a safety and precautionary measure. She was of the opinion that even if accidents couldn’t be totally eradicated, they could at least  be reduced to the barest minimum.

During her era, she encouraged the inauguration of choral groups in schools, launched road safety clubs in schools and was an active participant in picketing schools as early as 7am preaching road safety culture, distributing fliers and hand bills which she found absolutely fulfilling.

The Akwugo Ike Obosi is so humble that she treats everyone equally with respect regardless of tribe and religion.

Enchanting and graceful Chidinma Chidoka is the first child of five siblings. She attended FGGC Calabar and read Law at the premier University of Ibadan. She runs a photographic outfit, IMAGES in Abuja. She is married to Ike Obosi, Chief Osita Chidoka, former Aviation minister who is gearing up for the coveted seat of number 1 citizen of Anambra and they have four Children.

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