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She found out that Olori Ebi had been in a love tangle with Mama Akanni. It was when Mama Akanni found out she was pregnant that olori ebi hatched the sinister plan. This was because Mama Akanni refused to be Olori ebi’s sixth wife. Hard cruel childhood made her street wise enough to refuse Olori ebi’s proposal who was old enough to be her father. Out of shame of having a child out of wedlock, she had agreed to the plan for Olori ebi to have her married off to father who unsuspectedly had fallen into the well scripted plan.

Olori ebi had little effort in convincing father to marry Mama Akanni. Her beauty had stirred his loins the very moment he set his eyes on her. But he had pursued a fairy tale, little did he know he had accepted to marry a pugnacious woman, and a serial concoction of brewing problems, who would cut away every shred of peace in his life and turn his life into a nightmare.

Fate again was benevolent to Mama Akanni who had Akanni exactly 9months after she stepped into the household. In actual fact, that was her 11th month of pregnancy. It was as if Akanni was protesting even in the womb by refusing to be born when he was due. It was to the great advantage of the two culprits who heaved sighs of relief because they had planned to present Akanni as preterm baby should he had been born earlier.

There was a great murmuring which became explosive chatter while some of them gasped in surprise and some nodded as if confirming the dark secret Maami agba was revealing. Olori Ebi’s countenance changed and he burned in shame, his mouth twitching in his nervousness. Some wondered if that was not the prime reason Akanni behaved the way he did, others wondered at the striking resemblance of Akanni and Olori ebi.

Well you see, this wasn’t unusual because olori ebi and father were of the same fraternal kindred.  Olori ebi was father’s great uncle. Olori ebi had taken over the leadership of the family after father’s grandfather who was olori ebi’s brother had died.

Olori ebi wore the look of shock as Maami agba further revealed that Olori ebi had refused to find out the cause of father’s death as demanded by tradition. He had instead passed it off as the act of God. However, it was his constant refusal that prompted her to find out herself taking my mother along as a witness to whatever may transpire in divination as she sought answers to her questions.

Mama Akanni, Olori Ebi and Akanni were fingered as culprits.  Father’s spirit that was conjured had told them what had happened to him. Maami agba dared olori ebi to deny it but he bent his head in shame as the rapt audience punctuated the story with exclamation of unbelief, disbelief, horror and condemnations.

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