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Today, i saw two little children trying to cross the road. I was forced to stop, almost getting out of the car to assist if necessary.
The older child was probably 5 years old while the younger looked less than 3 years. I was quite worried that an impatient driver would forcefully overtake me, putting the lives of the children in danger.
luck was on our side as there was no mad driver behind while the children dashed across the road. I heaved a sigh of relief!
Long after they had disappeared, i began to ruminate on the subjective. i wondered how parents would leave children within this age bracket to walk the streets alone.
I am a very worried parent when it concerns children walking down the streets. There are so many mad and impatient drivers who truly have no business being on the roads.
Here are some tips to help your child to be safe while crossing the road.
Parents teach your child how to walk on the street by walking with them. Use the opportunity to teach child how to be a safe pedestrian.
This is also applicable to parents who take children to school in their luxury cars! teach them early how to be safe on the roads because sometimes they walk around the neighbourhood, Play around with friends, they go on errands down the street, they walk with cousins and because a need would some day arise for them to walk alone on the street!
Initiate your children into being a safe pedestrian by teaching them to walk with an adult or stick together as a group.
Teach your children to wear bright coloured clothing. This makes them visible to motorists especially at night.
Teach child to hold a flash light at night.
Teach child to walk on the side walk only.
Teach child to walk facing traffic not backing the traffic.
Teach child to walk and cross the street with an adult.
Teach child to cross at intersections alone because of the instructions at the intersections.
Teach child to understand traffic signals.
Motorists, drive safe this season. there is absolutely nothing like “ember months blood sucking demons” it is one’s attitude to road usage. 95% of road crashes are human factor not the ember months demons.
Drive safe.
Season’s greetings

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