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It is a brand new beginning of another year.  Resolutions made would never be kept. However, you must resolve to do this one thing this year.

2017 witnessed carvings of spouses with horrific details that brought shock waves spinning down our spines.  Those dead are gone, the horrors of their deaths gradually fading from our memories. Soon they would go into limbo of forgotten things.  No matter how enraged, incensed, or angered we are by those murders, we have no power to bring them back!

Life goes on….the caravan of life passes on.

Men, as much as you assert that infidelity is in your DNA so do wives have jealousy in their bones. I mean if you feel polygamy is in born so is jealousy inborn with women. The venom of a jealous wife is more deadly than a scorpion.

Women differ only in the degree of control in exhibiting jealousy. The mature women allow the head to rule them rather than the heart. Which is wisdom.

We are in contemporary era where things are not the same as our mothers’ time. Women are beginning to understand their rights and are refusing to bow to servitude. Some of our mothers were subjugated, their needs and desires completely repressed by tradition. They were not completely happy.

Modern women are rejecting oppression they witnessed meted to their mothers so men should be cautious in dealings with their wives instead of claiming rights. Your circle of friends or society may encourage you to take drastic steps against your wife but in the end, you alone would atone for your misdeeds. Wisdom is like a goatskin, every man carries his own.

Men tame your reckless urge to pee like a dog on every fire hydrant.  A woman may not destroy you physically, but she can do so mentally, spiritually or financially.

Men, you may no longer swoon over your wives after squeezing out all their youths, at least give women respect and honour.

The maxim that it is a man’s world has long expired. It is lame duck obsolete, antediluvian, and archaic, out dated dictum.

The world is not your sole prerogative. That was not God’s agenda for man and woman, it is not your world, it is OUR WORLD.

I acquiesce  graciously.

Happy New Year.

Drive with care, observe safety rules always.


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