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the con man

He was seating when I walked in. I sat down minding my business waiting to be attended to. He was making a call, speaking so loud in his native tongue. He then called “US, London, China shouting that he would soon be coming over after London trip. When he was done with his calls, all in his native dialect interjected with English words, he turned to speak to me in his native tongue and I looked at him with an expression that says ‘’what are you talking about?’’

He then asked me if I was from his tribe, I shook my head with a gesture that said “NO”. The next question completely put me off. He spoke in “pidgin” I answered trying to conceal my irritation.

With all the boasting on the phone in a language, he erroneously thought I understood, so the best you can while trying to strike a conversation with a lady is with “pidgin” I mussed. He asked of my tribe, which set me on edge. My church mind was fully activated as my mischievous side had gone on silent mode. I just gave him a wary look.

I do not think he was trying to proposition me, e see ring. E see biggie biggie everywhere to know that this lady went to school with Bishop Samuel Ajayi Crowther in 1800.

I think he loved the sound of his voice in public. I am very sure he would do same with a man, just anyone because his voice soothes his ego. Presumably, he was a con man.

Then someone came in smiling in recognition, saluted me, the kind of salute they give to wives out of individual discretion and respect, stamping his feet raising dust and bellowing loudly.

I smiled in response. After the exchange of howdy, he went merrily away. I then turned to my phone, after a tickling time, I realized silence had enveloped me. I looked up to discover that the alakori had disappeared!

He must have thought I was in the military! Hahahaha.


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