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Trending is the story of a man who married two ladies same day. It is his life. He is even eligible to ten ladies if he desires, it is nobody’s business. However, it becomes news and our business to mention anything out of the ordinary. It is newsflash.

I am just curious about those ladies who agreed to polygamy in the first place. Is it out of despair, materialism or stupidity? How would young sprightly bubbly women opt for polygamy at their tender age?

Yes, polygamy is not new in our society and tradition.

I thought those who practiced polygamy in the past did not marry two wives at the same time. They married wives one after the other. Wise men married new wives when one wife gets older, busy raising her children with little time to consummate jealousy towards the new wife.

This young man has not been astute. His brain is wrapped up by wrong judgment from sampling those ladies underwear.  Jesters are commending and backslapping him for the reckless feat. I hope he understands the right application of wisdom. I hope he is equipped with the mastery of the erudition of his fore fathers who were successful polygamist.

Our ancestors had reasons for marrying multiple wives. It was not only meant for satisfying scratchy and raunchy libidos.  They were farmers who needed labour for their farms. They had the wealth and provided quality life.

I hope this young man would not expire so early trying to satisfy his brides, financially and emotionally. I hope those young wives understand what marriage is all about, we hope we would not hear about stabbings and acid baths in future.

I wish them all the luck they would need to maneuver the murky waters of matrimony.

I would rather remain a single woman than get involved in tragicomedy.

Just pondering about the anomalous.

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