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It was the turn of Bolanle Oluwayemi Oyeyemi the wife of Boboye Oyeyemi Ph.D., the Corps Marshal of Federal Road Safety Corps to revel in the Love of God upon her as she joined the Golden Club age on 18 February 2018

Bolanle Oluwayemi, fondly Called Yemisi did not want an elaborate celebration. In fact, but the persistence from friends and relations overruled her initial hesitancy.

Soft-spoken Yemisi had no option than to bow to pressure from her loved ones. Even at that, she wanted a quiet Celebration.

Yemisi Oyeyemi is a graduate of English from the University of Maiduguri. She is very unassertive, it is the unassuming nature that many people mistakenly judge her, underrating her intelligence. This very modest, unpretentious warm woman is a bag of wisdom, very intelligent and widely travelled. A woman who is steadfast, resolute and unwavering until she has accomplished a mission. She is people friendly who whole- heartedly welcomes people into her home and life. A lifestyle that even position has not altered over the years.  A woman of vision, purpose driven and an achiever. An enthusiastic, committed and prayerful woman who faithful to her loved ones and friends. A loyal wife and devoted wonderful mother to her children.

Her children are so disciplined and well trained. Her boys clean and cook despite the fact that their parents could afford to acquire hired helps.

A very humorous woman, a side that only those close to her know about.

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