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Meet this Gorgeous Police officer who is also a female disc Jockey. Beautiful, talented Princess Adejoke goes by the stage name of Dj sexy J. She is on FB and Instagram. You need to watch this very striking looking DJ sexy J on stage to know that she is not only beauty, poise, confidence, sexy she knows her onions!  



KB       How did you come into this Disc jockeying Job, the exclusive domain of men?

DJSJ    It is a job that I have passion for right from my secondary school days and I worked towards becoming one. I am glad I made it. Here I am today.

KB       You read Economics, why are you not in banking or financial world? Why have you deviated to become a disk Jockey? What was the initial reaction of your parents?

DJSJ    I have their support. They reacted positively because they know me so well. They know my kind of person; therefore, they had no choice than to conform to my wish. Secondly, I never deviated from my course as an economist because I am into business; I am not a lazy person. I take measures for all I do which is to put all my plans on scale of preference. I schedule my agenda. Again I did not think of working in any financial institution because I was purely a science student in secondary school, I did not do accounting or any business subject.


KB       what about your husband, tell me about his reaction?

DJSJ    oh, his reaction was positive too. He was in full support of what I do and still supports me until date.


KB       you are a police officer, what are your employers reaction?

DJSJ    my passion does not interfere with my job as a police officer. Any work that could clash or interfere with my official job is no go area. I am a police officer first; my allegiance is to my employers first before others.


KB       how did you become a police officer? What attracted you to the force?

DJSJ    I joined the force because I love the job and because I wanted to support my parents.


KB       When did you start this job and how do you handle or deal with the hassles involved?

DJSJ    I started officially in 2010. I cope relatively well because I believe in the adage that says, “What a man can do, a woman do better”


KB       what makes DJSJ unique? What is your brand?

DJSJ    I am myself. I remain myself; I can never be someone else. That makes me unique.


KB       how do you combine your police work, your Dj and motherhood?

DJSJ    I try my best to balance it, so that none suffers.  With God, all things are possible.


KB       Where are you from?

DJSJ    I am from Ago Iwoye, Ogun State.

KB       Who is princess Adejoke?

DJSJ    She is the mother of a handsome, striking, remarkable, amazing and blessed boy, she is a graduate, she is an officer of the Police Force, she is a professional disk jockey, and she is a businesswoman. She is very trusting, emotional; she is a blunt and outspoken woman, a very candid woman. I love music. It thrills, it excites me and helps me unwind. I am an indoor person who loves cool music, it helps loosen up, release stress and relax me. I am an outgoing person but I am not a party freak despite my profession. Nothing scares me; I am not easily intimidated or daunted by anything.  I love people, I am people friendly. I detest lies. I wish I could stop trusting people, I trust a lot.


KB       You are a very pretty woman, very pretty, how do you ward off fans who want to cross the line because you definitely cannot be short of admirers?

DJSJ    My dignity, self-worth is more important to me. I believe every woman should have self-discipline and self-respect. I cannot sell my dignity. I believe in diplomacy with my fans, friends and acquaintances. I value and appreciate all my fans.


KB       what advise do you have for young ones that look up to you?

DJSJ    Know what you want, identify your dreams, work towards it by achieving your aims in life. Nothing comes easy. Believe in yourself. Never underrate anyone, appreciate the little you have, do not run more than your shadow and be very sincere in all ramifications.

KB       Thank you for your attention.

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