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What gobbledygook excuse could sane people bring up in defense of a lecherous lecturer ascribing him the title of elder or deacon or whatever? That is hogwash! Utter rubbish! From the exhibit, the recorded telephone conversation, there was nowhere he professed any relationship with God. The public hubbub and disapproval is his demand for sexual gratification from the young girl in exchange for additional marks. He even wanted execution of five times from the poor girl before the implementation of seven marks!

The wife and Children must be squirming in the pool of shame!!!

This hedonism is not new! Some of us had ugly experiences with debauched lecturers at one point in the past. Some of us were just lucky to escape. I had three experiences with lecturers. My first was a day a Lecturer parked beside me as I walked home with my friends from lectures. We were all freshers, so green we did not know anything. He taught in Mass Communication department but he did not teach my class. He asked us all to hop into the car and we all did glad to escape the scorching sun and the long slog from classroom to hostel. When we alighted, he called me back. He told me to meet him afterwards. I just burst into tears! I began to wail, serious wailing! He was very thoroughly discomfited. He asked me how old I was, I lied that I was 16, before he zoomed off in embarrassment; he uttered in disgust how a 16 year old should be admitted in school in the first place.  I learnt to be an artful dodger with Mr. Tom. I was lucky he never taught me until I graduated.

While in school, I resolved to sturdy very hard. I never went near the staff room nor tried to impress, I allowed my grades to speak for me. I grasped very early in life that rising above average, making sure my grades were as and Bs would make it difficult for a lecturer to fail me in his course. I cruised through Mass Communication without any further Incidence. I am one of the Lucky ones.

I remember a wanton lecturer called Jagbalor in Business Administration who was a bristle in the flesh of students. Jagbalor was as attractive as a gorilla. The imp derived pleasure in spiking students. He was an unrestrained predator. I think he got his kicks from knowing that what his physical looks could not get him, authority got him. He relished in his vile ability to inflict pain and agony on students, especially the very beautiful ones.

It was recounted that Jagbalor in his despicable way drew timetable for those helpless girls to cook, wash and do awful whatevers. Some played ball, others paid dearly for refusing to dance to the libretti in Jagbalor’s contemptible scripts, and had to carry over courses repeatedly. Some moved to other departments, some pulled out to other schools, one or two students brought in their parents to sound the depraved Jagbalor out. He was ruthless, merciless and vicious. I doubt if Jagbalor had any penal axe dangled against him.

We still have the Jagbalors today. Someone would tell me Jagbalor was a deacon or elder therefore should not be condemned but prayed for. Rubbish!


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