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Young ladies are supposed to have healthy and scrumptious boobs but what you see on their chests are “fallen Angels”. I attended an event, I (we) noticed that except for the bride who still had her perky boobs still bouncy (little wonder she was getting married) her friends boobs were in sorry states from the glimpse they gave us from their ugly cleavages. No elasticity nor springs, just flat flat flat!

Each time they bent down to assist the bride with her gown, I went into panic state of anxiety, holding my breath in total dread of those unsightly, unattractive flat objects popping off their braless clothes.  Even women who have suckled children boast of full succulent luscious boobs than those ones we were entertained with.

I was baffled that the church or mother’s union or whatever they are called could not insist they wore veils to cover up.

Young ladies this may hurt you but the truth is most of you have rundown boobs. If at this stage boobs have spiraled downwards, I wonder how they would look like in your thirties and forties or even fifties.

You slay with multiple boyfriends ti won ti po omi gutter po who will not handle your assets well when oju ti dirty. Then you fagafiki with shrewd senior boys in their 50s and 60s who would pound you more than fufu.

Ladies stop giving suck to everything that walks on two legs with a third leg. They squeeze the youth out of you!

I do not lay claim to innocence in our era but sha we had healthier and loftier morals.


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