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My sister. My greatest friend. I lost an unsurpassed friend when she passed away. It has been 17 years and it is still like yesterday.

I reminisce the stories my parents told us about my sister and I when we were toddlers. I was stubborn while she was so tender, calm and quiet. She indulged me and I got away with everything with her. I ate my food and took her ration as well. If my food was smaller than her own was, I pulled tantrums. If it was bigger, I still stormed my feet in outbursts of rage. She accommodated my grumpiness and frets.  Our parents constantly delivered her from my mood controls because she would not fight back.

Then we grew up.

We never ever bickered nor rowed. I raised my chest at anyone who patronized her. She was warm and so quiet that people mistakenly called her a snub. I was the chatterbox. I could say a thousand words and she would interject with just a hundred words. We laughed, sniggered, chuckled or tittered over everything even if a fly perched on the wall I had something to say that made her laugh. I was the TELEVISION whom she merely watched while I spoke for both of us!

She was not only a big sister; she was my sounding board, a mother, infinitely loving. She took care of us, gave us everything we needed. Each time I came around visiting, I raided her wardrobe! I come with my handbag and go away with a box!  She never ever locked her things away from me even though she knew I would ransack everywhere. I got for myself and got for my friends too. She spoilt me silly. When she departed, I was gripped by ominous fear how to take her position before my younger ones.

The epilogue is that God has brushed my concerns aside and given me grace to expand my intrinsic love and extend them to my younger ones. I know she would be happy that I succeeded this far by the grace of God.

Sleep well beloved sister. May the Bosom of the Lord continue to caress your mortal remain.

Today would have been your birthday Oluwafunmilayo Margaret Baire Omo Adebija dunmole. Omo idu nio nio, omo afija folorun ja.




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