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Statistics have shown that Infertility is not exclusively the inability of the woman to conceive but the inability of man the man to supply the required healthy amount of spermatozoa to fertilize the eggs as well. When there is no conception in marriages, society is quick to point accusing fingers at the woman. The woman is made to run helter skelter, from pillar to post, from prayer houses to another seeking solution while the man folds his legs refusing to believe that he is infertile. Meanwhile 50% of infertility challenges are traceable to men.

Meanwhile, it is said that young men can hardly produce sperm that can impregnate a woman. This is due to low sperm count. This is also because of lifestyle…the consumption of Alcohol, drugs and smoking. A man may have a child and still be infertile later due to age and other factors.

Infertility, sometimes Oligozoospermia is semen with decreased sperm concentration, abnormalities, sperm morphology and motility.

In Africa, because the men do not go for test out of ego, the women bear the brunt of the shame. In laws, particularly mothers–in–law breathe down the necks of daughters-in-law; pressure them to the point of suicide for not conceiving. They encourage their sons to get another wife to bear children either out of mischief or out of ignorance.

Sometimes, the pressure is so much that some smart ones bring in children from another source and it is not impossible for the other woman to smartly bring in a child from another source too to the family. Most innocent women have lost their marriage; have been physically assaulted and thrown out of the house because they are termed infertile.

This is to draw attention to men that the issue of infertility is not solely the woman’s fault. Marriages break due to this lack of understanding. Its high time men faced up to their responsibility by going for testing and stop stigmatization against women!

Early testing can prevent late conception through cure. There is cure for infertility if both parties cooperate instead of trading blames.

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