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How twisted can one’s fantasy be to violently invade the privates and shred the innards of a little girl of 3? I do not know what name to call the psychopathic gunk who finds a 3year old an object of his depravity. I have profound respect for the father of the little girl, Simon Shabangu who pursued the scumbag, tied him to the tree, sliced off his cursed filthy dick, grilled it and gave the bloody abstracts to the slimy rapist. He acted under intense provocation. We also know that most times the wheel of justice corrosively grinds slowly if it does grind at all. Rapists walk free while victims lick the rotten and horrific wound of injustice.

Until huge penalties are enforced on heinous crimes such as rape, pedophilia would not abate.

In arbitration, the predator deserves what he got from the father of the victim. Let the gunk rot in the hottest part of hell. I have no shred of sympathy for that waste of spermatozoa!

For those who wished the father should have allowed civil adjudication to take place, ponder for a brief moment if the 3 year old were your child, would you have folded your arms? The imagination of agony of the forced penetration on that little girl repeatedly leaves me with a shudder of distaste. For those of you men whose corridor of imagination is inept, just pick a sharp object and hit your balls for five minutes that is probably how terrifying and excruciatingly hurting it was on the poor little girl in the hands of the scumbag.

Simon Shabangu; he is a victim and hero not a killer##

SOURCE: published may 9

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