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This scary object that had scared children over a period of time since its creation is dead says the 43-year-old creator Keisuke Also. He said children need not worry again because MOMO was dead. He said it was not meant to last it was just a creation for an exhibition in Tokyo which was originally known as MOTHER BIRD.

MOMO depicts the naked torso of a woman with a bird’s half lower. The artist inspiration came from a Japanese Ghost story of a woman who died in childbirth and emerged as a bird woman to haunt the area she died in.

The artist admits that MOMO was created to scare people and was inspired by horror movies. It became the face of a sickening on line trolling targeted at children and even making way to cartons such as peppa pig videos.

The “MOMO Challenge’’ include children as young as 5 being challenged to communicate with an unknown number and taking part in sickening forfeits in haunting voice, chilling threats.

A schoolchild was left terrified after exposure to Momo that she banged her head against school walls, reused to go toilet alone and suffered from paralysis nightmare it was alleged.

Momo told one to cover herself in bleach’

Told another to cut her brother with daddy’s blade.

Told another to take the sharpest knife in the house and kill herself

Told another to put a screwdriver in the plug sockets or he will come for him.

The artist said that although he was glad his work getting exposure, he feels responsible for the affected children.

When it emerged in South America in 2018, the artist said that it caused him nothing but trouble.  The eye is the remaining piece of the original piece but he still feels responsible for the wave of fear the doll and its perceived menace has caused.


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