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A man defined men into four categories. A Boy, a Player, a confused man and a good man.


The man would always be a boy regardless of his age. Growing up and growing old is not the same to him. Growing old is mandatory but growing up is optional by choice.

A boy does not care about what makes you happy as a woman. He knows little about putting a home together and not ready to learn. The woman would do the thinking and making the decisions.

He would be more concerned about his appearance than his character. He is lose, he kisses and tells about everything in his relationship to everybody and openly condemns his woman.

He thinks about what his mum thinks about him even when he should focus on his family. The boy does not plan and does not want to grow up. He does not understand the importance of responsibility.

When his woman is upsets, he gets angry; he does not know how to make her calm. He is not a bad person, but still a child. He would rather play around with his computer/phones/gadgets instead of participating with his family.

You cannot put a bike engine in a car and expect a performance of the car.

When a mature woman dates an immature boy, she automatically becomes a girl. She would change from a peaceful mature woman to a nagging young girl and her friends would think she is going crazy.

The boy gets easily intimidated by a woman’s position or status and feels insecure by her income. He believes he deserves respect because he believes he is a man based on his age.

It is difficult to communicate with a boy since he usually thinks he is right. He feels superior and thinks he is doing a woman a favour by dating or marrying him.



Don’t drive a shade too fast.

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