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The problem with a confused man is that he does not know what he wants.

Relationship is like a door. You are either in or out. He would put one foot in and one foot out. People think you have a perfect relationship while you are not sure where you stand.

A confused man can be a wonderful guy who does not play games, he would love you, give you all you want but would rarely commit to you.

He would give you excuses all the time and put your life on hold not because he is bad but because he is yet to figure out what he wants in life.

Of course, there is no rush in love but there is a big difference between endurance and ignorance. You can only endure with a man who knows what he wants and where he is going in life.

Endurance with a confused man is risky and a complete waste of time but when a woman makes up her mind and decides to leave, the confused man would change and begin to make new promises and deadlines just to make her wait more. After a while, he goes back to his old way and for the woman the waiting continues.

One of lives greatest mistakes is to embark on a life journey with someone who is not going anywhere in life.


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