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A seven member team of Ghanaian Doctors performed the first ever brain surgery in the country without cutting the skull.

The minimally invasive brain surgery is a technique to safely remove brain and skull base tumuors through smaller and more precise openings minimizing collateral damage.

it is known as Endovascular brain aneurysm coiling or coil embolization.

The two hour surgery was performed with modern Equipment and computer software at the Euracare Advanced Diagnostic and Heart Center a private health facility in Accra.

Brain Aneurysm or cerebral Aneurysm is a weak spot in the wall of a blood vessel inside the brain. it is the bulging weakened area in the wall of the artery in the brain resulting in abnormal widening, ballooning or blistering. The area of the blood vessel get worn out from constant flow of blood and bulges out, almost like a bubble. There is a risk of sudden rupture which is life threatening, some cases like 90% presented without symptoms.

The symptom is severe sudden headache, eye pain, vision deficits and eye movement deficits. The cause is not clearly understood but emphatically associated with factors like smoking, high blood pressure or genetic


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