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AND GRACE BESTOWED YET ANOTHER HONOUR UNTO PAT EMEORDI, I have found it so difficult to find the accurate words to capture the quintessence of this incredible woman, the literal words are so slow in forming in my mental power that I have just decided to write something or else it would stretch into eons.

This outstanding woman was honored yet again on Saturday by her family. I do not have the precise number of times she was honored but it took Lagos a month to pluck her from Jos because she has been a guest of many parties hosted in her honor. This exceptionally amiable and Charismatic woman everyone jostled to host, moving from one valedictory party to another in her honour with large gathering of dignitaries in attendance. It must have been an emotional adieu to this woman with strength of a charging bull in discharging her constitutional responsibilities with domino effects on her imprints. A woman who plays roles visibly without a glitch. Not one single person did not dab their eyes with a handkerchief as the tributes came rolling like an avalanche from the depths of the hearts of those whose lives she has touched in her 60 years on earth.

A woman who single handedly stepped into the dual role of a mother and father at a tender when she lost her mother. A woman of courage and great capability, a sticker for competence, firmness, determination and steadfastness excelled in anything she does. With doggedness, she overcomes challenges without altering her serene core. She singled handedly trained all her siblings, today 13 of them are graduates, by the accolades, none of her siblings have school certificate or OND but by sheer grit, today 13 children from her parents are Graduates. How remarkable! This is walking in the monopoly of the courageous. Please if you think it is a small feat, Go ahead to sponsor someone from Primary School to University aside your biological obligations!

A woman who does not color things, who says it the way it is, the only one who dares to say the truth to her superiors when they are wrong. A métier in ethics of integrity bereft of obsequiousness, honest and reliable with a strong concept of wrong and right, and can never be found among the degenerates.

Never in the history of the Corps has anyone been so honored like Pat Emeordi, from the pulling out parade that drew the crème de la crème. It was splendid!

The Eruption of excitement and hollers from the crowed Stadium was deafening!  Military and Paramilitary Chiefs, Commissioners, Traditional rulers, everyone was present including the representative of the Governor. The event was very impressive!

A crowd puller, she had full parade to usher her out of a glorious and outstanding service to the Corps and the Nation. Please find time to watch the video as proof of the special, remarkable pull out parade. I doff my hat! I was super proud watching it, I did over and over. It was terrific!

My woman crush (she laughed when I called her that at the party reception) makes me go gaga when in uniform. She wore it with style, class, panache, grace, elegance, strides of gallantry and charisma. She belongs to the class of those who make you want to pick up a uniform job.

Assistant Corps Marshal Patricia Okaiman Emeordi is from Idumu Ididova –Idumebo Ekpoma in Esan west Local Government of Edo State. She started her Education at Covenant Nursery and Primary School, Benin, St Theresa’s College Ugelli and Federal Government College, Benin. She is a graduate of university of Lagos with a B.Ed. History, and Lund University, Sweden.

She had a brief stay with Kano State Ministry of Education before joining Federal Road Safety Corps in 1997. She was Unit Commander Ota and Badagry, Deputy Commandant FRSC Academy, Udi, Enugu and had worked in several Commands including, Port Harcourt, Maiduguri, Anambra, Delta, and Ondo in different capacities. Her last appointment was Plateau as Sector Commander before bowing graciously out of service.

On behalf of my President Mrs. Yemisi Oyeyemi and ROSOWA, my husband your paddy for life, and those who truly love you, I wish you all the best in your future endeavors. The glory of the Latter shall be greater than the former.

We love you mama de mama.






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