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I culled this from a church Bulletin and I feel like sharing it. It was titled FOOD FOR THOUGHT FOR WOMEN ONLY.

Be the woman who fixes another woman’s crown without telling the world it was crooked.

Dear sisters,

Instead of laughing at my broken heel…before the night begins, give me super glue to fix it.

Instead of gossiping about the lipstick stain on my teeth, pull me aside and help me remove it.

Instead of making jokes about my pink underwear showing through my white skirt, advise me to wear a black underwear next time.

Instead of laughing at my fashion sense, give me tips on how to dress better.

Instead of making headlines about my funny make up, teach me how to do it right.

Instead of shouting out at my parenting skills and weaknesses, share a few of your strengths with me.

Instead of pointing at my errors as a wife, can you help my husband and others see the 90% that I got right?

Instead of destroying me behind my back, pick me up and we’ll face the world together.

Be woman enough to help another woman. It wont kill your pride.

Let’s fix each other’s crowns.

Dimming another woman’s light will not make yours shine any brighter.

There’s more light if we shine together.

I will also like to add this: If you can not support a victim of Rape, domestic violence, divorced, single, emotional and financial assault, barren, unemployed woman then KEEP QUIET! do not add to their misery!

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