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Wisdom is the principal thing, so we need to get wisdom and understanding at all cost. A wise man acquires wisdom by receiving instructions and it begins with the fear of God manifested by deep reverence for God. This trait made David a man after God’s heart.

There is a link between wisdom and prosperity because wisdom is all a person needs to prosper in life.

Doctors, lawyers, Engineers, teachers and soldiers need this wisdom of God to prosper in all assignments. David was a great commander of an outstanding army and he succeeded because in wisdom he always sought God first. No wonder he was extraordinary commander who never lost a battle and in wisdom from God, he was able to recover all he lost.

True wealth devoid of sorrow comes from the almighty God. With God, you are spared the many troubles associated with wealth. Don’t be among those who see God’s word as outdated. When God directs you through his word, wisdom is doing what he says because it’s the doer of the work that is blessed in his or her deeds.

Today, God will prosper the work of your hands as you seek wisdom for divine prosperity, a prosperity that makes no sorrow.


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