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Shortly after Akanni’s mad display with father, father summoned family members including that of mama Akanni’s. A sacrilege had been committed by Akanni and drastic measures needed to be taken against him.

Every member of the family made it a point of duty to attend. The large turnout was sparked more from the benefits resulting from attendance rather than concern for father’s dilemma. Father’s reputation as a generous host was legendary.

The meeting took place in the large sprawling space in the compound dotted with different kinds of trees that served as shade and relaxation spot from the scorching sun in noon time and fresh air in the evenings.

Akanni was conspicuously absent. Olori ebi sent emissary to search for him but it was a fruitless exercise, they returned without Akanni.

Crestfallen olori ebi was in despair at Akanni’s refusal to heed summon for reconciliation. For father, that was not the prime reason for the meeting. It seemed he had reached the limit of tolerance and endurance of Akanni’s proclivity to evil.

He refused to bow to pressure to rescind his decision to forgive and disown Akanni. All entreaties on behalf of Akanni fell on deaf ears and for days after the incident he walked around in a murderous rage. Everyone walked on egg shells around him, tiptoeing around like burglars. Eye contacts as well as the hands were medium for dialogue around the house.

Akanni had deliberately shunned the invitation in his characteristic nonconforming attitude, he dismissed the summons with a derisive laugh. Akanni was not someone to grovel before anyone he had bragged to the circle of scumbags he moved around with.

The meeting went on despite Akanni’s absence. Irate father accepted his utter folly for marrying mama Akanni. He implied that mama Akanni had turned out to be an irresponsible mother against his great expectations. She was like the tree that produced decayed fruits. She was a harbinger of cruelty packaged from hell. Her dysfunctional broods presented him daily dose of sourest milk to drink especially Akanni. His peace had been denied ever since akanni took his first steps.

Akanni was an endemic evil, nothing good could and would ever blossom in akanni because he was a barren land for such goodness to sprout.

Great pain veiled in raw anger alternating with shame, he narrated the near death scuffle with Akanni, and ended up with the formal denouncement of him as his son. He blamed Olori ebi for plunging him into the cesspool of turbulence. He blamed the family for putting him under severe pressure to take in mama Akanni who came into his house with bundle of problems meant to kill him. He blamed everyone for his misfortune except his insatiable philandering libido.

He then turned to mama Akanni to issue his threat to denounce her children for their prodigious insubordination and tendency to tow the path of Akanni.

It seemed the demons were let off their chains as mama Akanni jumped up seething with deadly rage, screaming in a voice that sounded like sudden thunder in deathly quiet.

She flew at father, clawing his fine face with her uncut talons, leaving gruesome designs. Cranky Mama Akanni then turned to maami agba accusing her of bewitching father to disown Akanni threatening to replicate the designs on father’s face on her but the men in the gathering made a formidable shield around her.

Everyone was aghast at mama Akanni’s blind fury empty reasoning but not totally surprised at her uncontrollably outburst. Mama akanni was simply a chump!

The affray was a terrible scene that almost generated into fisticuffs between father and mama Akanni, except that father refused to raise his hands on mama akanni. mama Akanni maami poured vituperations on maami agba who responded with a mocking gleam in her eyes without uttering her thoughts.

Everyone tried to pacify both parties both it was the day the devil chose to party with lesser mortals.

Shortly afterwards, there was pandemonium outside. It was the sight and sound of Akanni’s terror and violence. The old familiarity of fear descended on the weak and faint hearted. Akanni and his low life jerks announced their arrival like a tornado!  They came in four vehicles, raising choking dust in the air. It was obvious that they were as usual very high on something cheap. They drove like mad men, the scallywags drove like goats whose faces were stuck in buckets who had lost their bearings. Waves of panic and absolute fear made everyone to scamper away, even the very brave got out of Akanni’s murderous way.

Akanni and his scumbags displayed ghoulish unrhymed songs and dance for a while, with everyone peeping from their hiding place watching Akanni’s nameless horrors unfolding before them. Just as if it would never end, they drove in procession like the devil was on their tails raising dusts behind them, with Akanni screaming obscenities at father.

The dramatic enactment of madness by impenitent Akanni and his gang fed mama Akanni’s narcissistic mood while she beamed with pride.

Father’s face was grim with seething anger that threatened to asphyxiate him. His anger rolled in a visible fist ball which he pounded against the wall. He announced that not only had he disowned Akanni, he never wanted to set his eyes on him ever!

Olori ebi pleaded, placated and commanded father to renounce his statement but father stood his ground. Mama Akanni’s jeered at father and told olori ebi in a surprisingly calm tone that father had to renounce his words or else all hell would let loose. Olori ebi was agitated, he pacified, cajoled and gave veiled threats that seemed lost to unperturbed father.

The meeting broke up after shortly as father walked out in anger. Even though Akanni had left cloud of fear in the air, they seemed reluctant to disperse not until they were generously entertained.  Mama Akanni’s voice was like an adlib in the background, boasting. Shortly afterwards she took olori ebi aside and they began whispering. Olori ebi murmured that a decision had to be taken. It was only audible to the concerned and the affected ears……


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