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As you plan to be carefree, happy- go-lucky, to boogie down and go on a whirlwind good time, remember that after a fire burns out, ashes linger as an aide-memoire.

Enjoy this season with all it takes; remember that after a fire burns out, ashes would linger as a souvenir. As you celebrate, remember you are responsible for your actions and must face the consequences of your actions.

Remember that as you hop from one bed to another this period, you can contract sexually transmitted diseases and one of the most common is the CHLAMDIA infection.

Most people do not know that they are infected with this disease.

It is the most common STI disease and sufferers do not know this because it has no symptoms.

Younger women are at higher risk although both male and female are affected.

Those infected may not know even three weeks after infection. When infected it spreads to the fallopian tubes if left untreated. It can also cause pelvic inflammatory disease, considered a medical emergency.

The symptoms for women are burning sensation during urination and vaginal discharges, lower abdominal pain during intercourse and bleeding between  periods.

For men, it is pain and burning sensation when urinating. White cloudy or watery discharge, tenderness in testicles. When left untreated it causes Epididymitis, the tubes that hold testicles in place becomes inflamed and painful. The spread can lead to prostate gland.

Sometimes, you do not need penetration to contact this disease. One can contact it through oral sex, which can lead to throat infection.


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