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Meet the glamorous, classy, the ultimate style crush of many viewers of the beautiful TV girl, SEUN  OLAGUNJU, the lady with the captivating Oscar look, power dresser, fashion forward in her iconic looks.

Seun Olagunju is the next-door girl who happens to be on TV. Down to earth, open as a book especially with her emotions. She does not laugh when she is angry. According to her, she lets you know because she does not know how to pretend. Contrary to the opinion people have, she says she is a shy person, which is hard for people to believe because of the nature of her job. Seun harbors no jealousy, envy, hatred or negative emotions.

Seun Olagunju née Aruwajoye is from owo, ondo state but grew up in Abeokuta and Lagos state. She got her first degree in Communication and Language Arts from the University of Ibadan and a master’s degree in International law and Diplomacy from the University of Lagos.

Seun Olagunju got into broadcasting by God’s grace even though she never wanted to be a journalist. Her mother was a journalist at Radio Nigeria and later NTA. She was always away from home due to the demands of her job. Somehow, Seun Olagunju, out of boredom due to the incessant strikes in school, went for an audition at BCOS FM was hired that same day. She had a stint in GALAXY TV, worked with OGBC, DAAR COMMUNICATIONS (AIT/RAYPOWER) and NTA.

Seun Olagunju was on secondment from NTA to Transmission Company Nigeria (TCN) as General Manager and later as Director public affairs.

With her demanding job, she says she still creates time for her family as well as attend to social activities. According to her ” we try to go on holidays at least twice in a year or if it’s too tight, once. Because the getaway is sacrosanct, so I can bond with my children. I had a very loving mother who made it clear to us her children that, we were her life. That Love gave me a lot of confidence and my positive outlook in life today. I intend to bequeath the same to my children”

Seun Olagunju is beautiful and glamorous. Her good looks she says she got from her parents and her style from her mother who was beautiful and stylish.  From her youthful age, she subconsciously imbibed her mum’s style, which groomed her into creating her own style effortlessly. People judge you by the way you look therefore she never allows mood to dictate her dressing because one might run into More people the day one decides not to be in the mood for details.

On style, she loves beautiful things but her absolute weakness are shoes! In her words, “I am crazy about shoes. I have lots of clothes because of my profession but shoes are my weakness.

Do not be deceived by Seun Olagunju’s looks. She is an achiever whose driving force is the burning need to make a difference, to succeed in life, and to touch many lives as possible. In her exact words, she says, “hard work is the only way to achieve success. In my career, I have seen a lot of young women who depended on their male bosses to cut corners to get what they didn’t deserve, the fall by the way side and destroy what would have been a great career when those ones eventually dump them and move on to others. I am proud to say I have gotten this far in my career because I worked very hard for everything I have achieved. I had to pay some price for being so principled though I triumphed on the long run”

Through dint of hard work, Seun Olagunju has become one of the most recognized people in her career and has won many awards including the prestigious Nigeria Media Merit Award (which she has won at least 7 times).
She is happily married to Kayode Olagunju PHD, Assistant Corps Marshal, Federal Road Safety Corps and she is blessed with four wonderful children. Three beautiful girls and a handsome and cute boy who is she look alike.



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