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We are sometimes encircled with friends we think have everything, your good nature and etiquette rejoices with every single achievement and accomplishment. You are part of their flurried excitements yet they still stand as antagonist waiting for your foot to slip so they can double over at your predicament.

Obviously blessed with the elemental comforts of life, they still feel aggrieved with the little mercies of blessings that flutter your way like a beautiful butterfly. Such friends never thought you would amount to anything. Rising up to their social ladder is a game change that leaves bitter taste like bile in their mouth to eternity. The Odium is the food they chew over and over like a cow relishes its grass.  Where they would rather pigeonhole you is the lowest of the lowest  where they would look down at you from their Olympian heights.

Sorry, you do not hold the ace in your hand!

Celebration of their accomplishment is taken for granted. They believe it is a due obligated them, rather than return the same gesture; they are spiteful and scoff the one silver-lining in your sky.

To such friends who never foresaw the unexpected turn of good events, I remind them that the scripture says that the race is not to the swift nor the battle to the strong. The scripture says that ‘I have seen servants upon horses and princes walking as servants upon the earth.

Be content with the many stars in your sky and stop the antagonism against the one positive star shinning so brightly in another man’s sky!

Rejoice with others!

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