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35 years old Frederick has impregnated his 15 year old sister Blessing. Blessings ordeal started when Frederick began sleepping with her at the age of 13. Frederick even sent his wife packing so that he could have daily access to Blessing his younger sister who came to live with him at the age of 10 when their mother died.

Blessing who gave birth to her baby at Stella Obasanjo Hospital said she had no one to cry to because Frederick was the oldest child. After Blessing had the child, Frederick attempted to get rid of the baby at the dumpsite claiming it was dead. He was almost lynched by irate mob who discovered that the baby was alive. It was later revealed that he was the father of the baby.

Blessing said that after he sent his wife packing for 8 months so he could daily sleep with her, he told her he would marry her by encouraging her not to terminate the pregnancy. He told her he would get someone to take the baby and they would become rich.

Frederick confessed by claiming that his younger sister looked like his wife that was why he raped her and claimed he did not know what happened afterwards.

Blessing and baby are with the Ministry of Women affairs while the brother is under Custody.


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