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And she walks by each time swinging her big booty without saying “Hello or good morning’’ I shake my head and wonder at the younger generation. I am a tad friendly and once took it upon myself to say ‘’Hello, how are you? And she responded ‘’fine ma’’ and that was all.

So this day, she had to refill her Gas Cylinder and she stood beside it watching out for keke or bike. By a quirk of fate, I was on my way out. Pride sealed her mouth from asking for a ride. I refused to activate my church mind that day because even the Bible said something about pride. So I got into my car and zoomed off! I hate nonsense.

A couple of days later, she was standing there with her ‘Jerry cans’ waiting again for a bike or keke to take her to the fuel station. She had walked passed me earlier without saying ‘Hello’. Funny enough again, I was just dashing out to the supermart just outside the estate and would have made a turn beside a fuel station before getting to my destination. I entered my car and zoomed off!

Today, she stood with her back resting on my car. I expected her to say something but she looked the other way instead taking time to remove herself from the car, I knew she was going out and it is quite hot but I got into my car vroom and zoomed off! A closed mouth is a closed destiny abi?

Na me you dey do abi? I told myself. You go tey for there. Continue to swing the booty that has not fetched you anything, my own small one is also swinging and has fetched me my comforts. Nansez!

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