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Shannon Clifton is now 18 years old and has revealed the trauma she suffered from her father Shane Ray Clifton who beat and raped her from the age of six in the living room floor. She was 11 years when she first got pregnant and her father battered her unconscious until she lost the baby. At 13 she got pregnant again, this time her father made her do dangerous exercises so she could lose the baby. A suspicious Nurse at school asked her to take a test but she refused. The father terrified that his sickening crimes would be exposed went on the run, which sparked a manhunt for the pair found six days later.

Shannon had a baby boy, which is a son and brother, something she could not cope with so a year later, she gave him up for adoption. When the evil father was sentenced to 36 years with a minimum of 15 years life sentence for rape, she screamed ‘I love you dad, I miss you’’

But three years on, she is speaking out to help others in similar situation. She said ‘he stole my life and turned it to a nightmare I could not wake up from – –raping and beating me for years I was frightened and in pain every day.’’

She hates her dad but misses him because he was the only parent she knew after her mum split from her dad when she was 5years. He beat her with hammer and burning her with iron. He told her rape was all fathers did to their daughters, something he did 4 times a day. The twisted man even recorded it and showed to her. She found that very horrible.

After suffering PTSD and attempted suicide at 16 but helped by a foster family she lived with and she is rebuilding her life.


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