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36-year-old British woman is suing her husband for infecting her with HIV. She insisted she was faithful throughout their 7-year-old marriage but he slept with a string of women behind her back.

When she called him to tell about the diagnosis, he simply replied ‘Okay”.

She was diagnosed when she went for tests after developing pneumonia and now she is demanding a payout of 50,000 pounds. She says she picked up the HIV by having sex with a string of women and men when they were together. She believes he passed the illness unknowingly by having unprotected sex but she was deeply appalled by his selfish reaction when two days later she received his callous text to say ‘’I can’t believe you just told me I’m going to die’’.

She said ‘’he is so selfish; it was all about him even though I was in a wheel chair when I got out of the hospital. I was so upset’’

Her solicitors served legal papers in May after advising that a criminal prosecution was unlikely. Lawyers say she could be awarded 50,000 pounds.

There has been no similar case with married couples in United Kingdom but an American known as John B was fined 8.3m pounds by a Californian judge for infecting his wife with HIV in 2008.

A hairdresser in Brighton became the first person in United Kingdom convicted for deliberately spreading the disease. Dubbed THE HIV HAIRDRESSER, Darryl Rowe from Edinburg was jailed for life in April 2018 when he embarked on a ‘’revenge’’ campaign on the gay community after Diagnosed with HIV. He met his victims on gay dating App Grindr.


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